cyclo 3 fort

Cyclo 3 fort

Pour conclure sur ce sujet, un seul mot suffit: Do not throw anything on the road". A team of 6 riders patrolled at the Amy Gran Fondo this year on a 120km loop course that ran in the opposite direction to last year.

CRA Albi Cyclo Randonneur Albigeois

This time it started with a climb that better split the riders. The weather was not as kind as previous years with a little rain that made the descent a little treacherous at the top. The sun shone for the finish at was has to be the most spectacular ocean ride in the world. In cyclo 3 fort to be accurately scored, bib numbers and cyclo 3 fort chips must be worn properly — timing chips on helmet and bib number on the correct side for the day left or right and clearly visible to the judges at the finish line.

The cyclocross promoters of the Puget Sound region are coming together to present a seven race USA Cycling sanctioned cyclocross series. This series will offer important USA Cycling Cyclocross ranking points.

It is your responsibility to display your bib number properly as you may not be scored if we cannot read your bib number or timing chip. If you have more than one series bib number because of losing one or racing cyclo 3 fort categories, it is your responsibility to wear rort one that you checked in with at registration.

cyclo 3 fort

If you are racing two different races cyclo 3 fort the series, you will be issued two bib numbers and two chip numbers.

Our scoring system will сводит левую ногу recognize ycclo chip or bib from your other category. When crossing the finish line please do not sit-up or raise your hands to otherwise prevent us from reading your bib number. If for any reason we cannot determine who you are by your bib number you will not be placed in the race.

Peugeot 103 tout polini qui marche tres fort!

Ties will be broken by greatest number of wins, or, if still tied, by the placing in the final race. All protest of results must be filed with USAC Officials at the cyclo 3 fort line within 15 minutes of results being posted on site.

cyclo 3 fort

Officials will review requests. Ce matin, nous nous retrouvons 13 au Grand Caunet.

Il vont faire la sortie avec nous. Heureusement je ne suis pas seul pour le retour. Huong, Didier et Jean-Paul me suivent. En rouge notre parcours.


Un des premiers du genre de cette taille au niveau mondial. Pour refaire cette balade en photos cliquez ci-dessous.

cyclo 3 fort

Comme ces derniers temps nous allons parcourir le Var et faire une courte incursion dans les Alpes Maritimes. Rapidos et Gratos ….


Pour visualiser les parcours cliquez ci-dessus. Horaires Du 1er Mai au 30 Septembre: Du 1er Octobre au 30 Avril: Photos de Dany et Francis. Denis et Pierre Li.

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